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Hobbies & Adventures February 2018 Photography

by Rebecca Burg

“Pokémon is a series that was a huge influence on my childhood, and I still enjoy to this day. I love the artwork on the cards. I even mounted them on my basement wall. After all, my husband said I could do ‘whatever I wanted’ down there.

“This particular card is my favorite, the Ancient Mew card. It was a promotional card for the second Pokémon movie, handed out by theaters with the ticket.

“What’s different about this card is that it’s one of few cards not ‘legal’ in any ruleset for the card game, as it has a different backing and depicted in Futhark Runic and Gothenburg Runic writing (to make it seem more mysterious). The movie’s villain is also shown owning this card.”

by Rebecca Burg

“My sister’s autistic. When my parents asked a psychologist how to improve her motor skills, he suggested a Game Boy. Ever since then, there were always video games around the house. The doctor was right, too. It did improve her motor skills.

“I still play a lot as an adult, primarily Pokémon, a series that started with Nintendo’s Game Boy. Whenever a new Pokémon came out on a new handheld system, I had to get it. This led to a collection of them, advancing with each new edition. That’s why I propped them up on display, so it would better illustrate how technology changes over time.”



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