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December 2017 Featured Photography

by Kevin Gerstenberger

“I was on vacation at Lake Michigan when I took this.”

by Jennifer Schloesser

“This photo was taken in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada, while I was on vacation with my husband and 11-month-old son. We had just spent the last 5 days camping in Jaspen National Park, celebrating my sister-in-law’s wedding. We had woke to 32 degree temperatures and packed up our car. Our mission was to drive from Jaspen towards Spokane, WA. We didn’t know how far we would get, but that was part of the adventure. We wanted to see as much as we could with the time we had.

“This was one of our sites we stopped at along the Columbia Icefields Parkway. We took a short hike to Bow Summit to capture this picture of Peyto Lake. It was a cold day, snowflakes were coming down, but the beauty of the mountains and the brilliant turquoise lake (my photo did not capture the color) was mysterious and magical.”



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